From the President:

Welcome to the South Carolina Koi and Water Garden Society. Our club is a group of hobbyists in the Upstate who are interested in keeping Koi and goldfish and water gardens. You might currently have a pond but would like to learn more about your fish. Like a lot of us, you are fascinated by the sound of moving water. Our club members have a wide variety of water features and if that’s your thing, you are welcome. What’s really cool about our club is that we all share our interest in the hobby so freely whether it’s a small pond with a couple of fish, to the large ponds with multiple waterfalls and awesome Koi. The neat thing about being interested in Koi and water gardens is that you can start small, but there is no limit to where you can go with it. And, Koi people love to help others learn. I see this time and time again at various events.

If you want to really get into Koi, you’re in the right place. We have a pond tour in the Spring where you can see some of the most amazing ponds and Koi you’ll ever see. We put on a world class Koi show in the Fall, which is being called the largest single club Koi show on the East coast. We have vendors come from all over the country to exhibit at our show and we are proud that our show helps support some of the most deserving charities in our area. For the first time, last year we had the Blood Mobile onsite at the show and we provided a good contribution.

We have a monthly meeting on the 3rd Saturday of each month, weather permitting (except June and December) usually at a member’s home with a potluck dinner and would love to see you there. Check our website for the date, time and location.  Also, see our site for information on upcoming events and come on out. You’ll find a great group of folks from beginners to serious hobbyists to professional breeders to pond builders and everything in between. Want to get plugged in and see what we’re all so excited about? Come on and join us. The water is great!

Written by Pete Kellos, seconded by our new President, Karen Milner

If you would like to join our club, please fill out this application and mail it in:  South Carolina Koi and Water Garden Society


President Karen Milner  864.322.0500

Vice President Phil Rose 864.218.4229
Secretary Pat Heider
Treasurer David Peart
Members at Large Bernard Hall
Jim Willis

Newletter Editor Kay Barutha  864.895.9597
Program Chairman Bill & Dee Bradshaw  864.235.3546
Membership Chairman Kay Barutha  864.895.9597
Webmaster Susan Peart

The winners of our Koi Show have finally been announced!!  Well, actually they were announced during the show.  I keep trying to come up with a good excuse for not posting them earlier, but can't.  My thanks to Kay for reminding me.

Grand Champion - David & Karen Hardcastle
Reserve Grand Champion - Gaye Jones
Young Champion - David & Karen Hardcastle
Mature Champion - David & Karen Hardcastle
Grand Champion - David & Karen Hardcastle        (Are you starting to see a pattern here?)
Grand Champion B - David & Karen Hardcastle
Reserve Grand Champion - David & Karen Hardcastle
Mature Champion - Don Richardson
Young Champion - David & Karen Hardcastle
Baby Champion - Dan & Joy Newlin
Best Male - Christie Wiggins
Jumbo Award - Ken Alverson


We have recently started a new facebook page.  If you are interested in taking a look, makingcomments or posting pictures, and have a facebook account, please do so HERE

If you would like to join our club, please fill out this application and mail it in:

South Carolina Koi and Water Garden Society Membership Application

Tom Fleming, husband of Lois Fleming and longtime member of our Koi Club, passed away recently. 
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lois and their family.

Below is information about his funeral arrangements.

Thomas Joseph Fleming, 72, of Simpsonville, died November 19, 2013.
A Funeral Mass will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, 8 Gillin Drive Simpsonville, SC US 29680